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Stupid drivers!

This morning, while I was approaching the highrise on the San Mateo Bridge, traffic suddenly slowed down to crawl. I knew it had to be because of an accident and started watching for emergency vehicles in my rear mirror.

Sure enough, I saw an approaching fire truck, so I started trying to get out the left lane. Other drivers seemed to be oblivious of the approaching vehicle with all its lights flashing and made it difficult for me to get over. Finally, everyone realized what was happening when the fire truck was practically upon us and started working their way out of the left lane.

I stayed out of the left lane from then on, realizing two things: a) where there's a fire truck with lights and sirens blasting, there's sure to be other emergency vehicles arriving in short order an b) the fire truck will be stopping somewhere up ahead. But most of the drivers around me were so clueless that they jumped back into the left lane as soon as the fire truck passed. One SUV was actually tailgating the fire truck! Look, the fire truck is clearing the way! I can go fast.

So, traffic snarled up even further as we had to wait for left lane drivers to merge as two more emergency vehicles needed to get by. At the accident, 2 lanes were closed. More merging.


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