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Do you dare face the Craft Lady of Steel?!

Don't know if anyone else has found this, but I just stumbled upon what's got to be the weirdest craft or competition show on television.

In Craft Corner Deathmatch, two contestants go head to head, locked in a metal cage, and must construct a craft item in a certain amount of time with only the materials and tools they have been given.

Didn't see the first round, but the second round had them pick out an item for their opponent that they think will be the most difficult to wrap. But then they are told to switch their items, therefore each person is wrapping the item they thought would be difficult.

One lady wrapped a cowboy hat using newspaper, aluminum and shredded colored paper to make what she called a pyramid, but both the judges, the commentator and myself thought it looked like a volcano.

The other contestant wrapped a volleyball and used the same materials to make it a many pointed star with decorative tassels. Very pretty. Needless to say she won that round. She had won the previous round too, so she now was eligible to go to the final round against "The Craft Lady of Steel"!

The Craft Lady of Steel turned out to be a leather clad woman who was a professional craft designer. The final round had them dressing a couple of Barbie-sized dolls in a theme selected from pieces of paper stuffed in the commentator's pockets. (Yes, he did make lewd looks and comments about them going into his front pants pockets.)

The challenger pulled The Sixties and she dressed her doll in a halter made from some silver material, a pink fabric skirt and faux leather boots and belt. This was made without sewing.

The Craft Lady of Steel drew a crime fighter theme. She dressed her doll mostly in black faux leather, with a stylish woolly coat and a mask.

The challenger won because the judges didn't see how crime fighter Barbie could fight in the tight leather skirt.

All this was surrounded by the commentator talking in a way usually reserved for wrestling or robot battles. Hilarious.

The competition is not violent in anyway. They have plenty of supplies, no need to fight for them. Which makes the whole battle tone of the show more hilarious, not unlike Iron Chef, but much more cheesy.

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