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Taiko + Farmer's Markets = Fun!

Wadaiko Taiko, the taiko group that I am a student of has played farmer's markets in the East Bay the last two weekends. At the farmer's markets, all the students as well as the performers and apprentices are invited to participate. If you know a song well enough, you can join in and perform it and pressure is low - if you make a mistake, just keep going and get back in synch with the group. If you don't want to perform, you can help by passing out flyers, taking photos or just be there to hang out and give moral support.
I like to perform when I can.

Last Saturday in Hayward it was cold. Today in Fremont, it was even colder - the strong winds were icy. But the warmth and comraderie of our dojo made up for the cold, along with the fun of playing in a low pressure atmosphere.

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