October 8th, 2007


Wow, that was unexpected, but wonderful

johno has already posted about this, but I thought I'd post here too.

Last night at the Stage 1 Awards Banquet, I receive two awards:

The first was a shard award for Best Costumes, which was given to my friend Juli and myself for our work on Wizard of Oz. To be perfectly honest, we kind of expected to win.

The second award was not expected: johno and I were given the Board of Director's Award for dedication, positive attitude and outstanding commitment to community theater. Oh, my.  I was in tears and could not talk. John was barely able to get out our thanks. Every was up on their feet and clapping. All through the evening everyone was telling us how much they felt we deserved the award.

When they announced the award they were describing the efforts done by the upcoming recipients "Costuming, dressing, costuming, ushering, first time actress, costuming, dressing, set building, photography. Juli knew when they got to the second instance of costuming, John knew I was getting the award after first time actress and when they got to photography, he knew it was for both of us. I was being totally oblivious until they got to photography. The first time actress mention totally went over my head.

Wow, I'm still stunned.

It's really wonderful to find out how much our efforts are appreciated.