Chris O'H (chriso) wrote,
Chris O'H

My second meme

From elizabear and msmemory Make a list of all the paying jobs you've had

Landscape waterer for Snowbirds gone back home for the summer
Dog walker
Pet sitter
Fast food restaurant employee (one week)
Public library aide
Student library worker (shelving books)
Student library clerk (misc admin tasks)
Student Co-op Food service manager
Senior Editor
Newspaper delivery
Office plant care technician
Public Television Membership Department Clerk
Production Editor I (really same job as indexer, above)
Production Editor II (really same job as indexer-editor above)
Machine-aided Indexing Analyst

These are pretty much in the order I did them. Left my job at an Electronic publisher for a few years because I couldn't stand the current management and explored other things. Being a housewife, delivering an early morning daily free newspaper, watering office plants and working for Public Television. When I went back to the electronic publisher (bad managers were gone), they'd change the name of the job positions I was in before. I'm still working there now. Basically my entire post-college career (except for the 3 years mentioned above) have been with the same company (although it was acquired by another company and changed its name).

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