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After 3 great days at Yellowstone being surprisingly active and healthy at high altitude (6-9,000 feet), and 3 days in Denver at slightly lower altitude, my crazy gastrointestinal system did me in again. 1.5 days into Denvention, my body started forcefully removing its contents, making it impossible for me to take in enough liquids to compensate for the amount exiting my body. OK, I thought, another trip to  the emergency room where I'll be given anti-nausea and anti-diarrheal drugs and pumped full of IV fluids. But no, I didn't get immediately better, so Denver Medical decided to keep me through Sunday morning. The doctor treating me was a wonderful woman and doctor, but also very conservative and wouldn't't let me out until my potassium level reached somewhere near normal. After almost 3 days in bed, she finally let me go and I was able to to get back for the last day of Denvention. I spent my time looking for people I wanted to see, doing some last minute shopping, and attending the closing ceremonies. Managed to go to dinner with friends from around the country that I only see at WorldCon or CostumeCon and see more people at the dead dog consuite and filking parties before collapsing in bed totally exhausted. I'm home now, and feeling much better and plan to see the doctor tomorrow and ask him to refer me for a complete gastrointestinal workup. This thing has gone too far when I miss a chunk of two vacations!

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