Chris O'H (chriso) wrote,
Chris O'H

My First Further Confusion

A few weeks ago, I went to my first Further Confusion and enjoyed myself immensely.

I admit, once upon a time, I thought Furries were a very strange branch of fandom and avoided them as much as possible.

Then I got to know some of the costumed Furries (well, at least their costumed personas) at BayCon and Silicon, and found that they were fun, lovable and friendly.

So, I decided to give Further Confusion a try and found wonderful costumes, friendly people, great parties and the best dances in Fandom. I didn't really make it to any panels, but I attended the masquerade, the Fursuit Parade, the San Jose Taiko performance and the Furry Night Live. All were marvelous.

I'm still not interested in dressing up in a fursuit myself, and I'm not into the artwork, but do I admire the skill of the costumers, performers and artists.

And I bought my membership for next year. I'm looking forward to the fun.

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