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My first time

Today, for the first time ever, I auditioned for a part in a theatrical production. Stage 1 Community Theatre  in Newark is doing Oliver!, and I decided to go for it and try out for a part in the ensemble.  I've costumed for them several times and I've been a dresser and an usher, but the only time I've been on stage was in a church Christmas play. I was terrified, but I made it through it and everyone at the theater said they were proud of me for being so brave. It's nice working with such a supportive group.
I think the singing part of the audition went OK, but the dancing, not so good. We were taught a "simple" dance routine and while I could remember the moves, I couldn't get my body to move fast enough from one step to another. After going though the routine several times, I was exhausted and dripping with sweat. I thought a year of Taiko had me in better shape, but I guess I still have a long way to go.
If they give me an ensemble part, I'm going to sweat off some pounds.
I'll find out for sure by next Sunday. It was worth going through it just for the experience, no matter what.
If anyone else wants to give it a try, they are holding more auditions tomorrow night, 7-10PM, at Newark Memorial High School, Newark, CA (right across from Newpark Mall Shopping Center).

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