Chris O'H (chriso) wrote,
Chris O'H

Time slows allowing Chris to bend out of the way of the oncoming bullet

Yes, I dodged the layoff bullet today. Yesterday we got an email saying that it was mandatory for all, including folks that work at home, to be in the office for a videotaped message from the president of our company.

Most of us expected a report on when we could expect the layoffs that they have been saying will happen in 2003. I expected jobs would be phased out throughout the year as they brought the offshore people up to speed. Nobody expected what actually happened.

All but 4 people in the department I've been working in up until this week were told their last day would be Feb 6. About 40 people in all. And I would have been one of the folks being laid off, but I accepted a position in a different department just 3 weeks ago, and jobs in that department will remain (for now). I start the new job next week.

Whew. Great relief for myself, but I feel bad for the folks getting the axe. I also think the company is making a big mistake thinking overseas indexers can take up the work so fast. Sigh.

I honor of my dodge of this way too close bullet, John and I finally got around to seeing "The Matrix" tonight.

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